Maryke Albertyn

“Settle down with me. Cover me up, Cuddle me in
Lie down with me and hold me in your arms.

And I’ll be your safety
I was made to keep your body warm.

This feels like falling in love. We’re falling in love.”

-Ed Sheeran

I am at my happiest at sunrise. The promise of a new day, covered in the soft light of the sun. Needless to say that this is also my favourite time to go on adventures and photograph couples. Especially on those cosy mornings, when the world is sleeping in, and we find ourselves, silently staring out across secluded, misty fields.

Carrie & Tim’s engagement was no exception. Below a few of my favourites, wrapped in blankets, love and soft kisses.

C&T_Engagement__0035C&T_Engagement__0036 C&T_Engagement__0037C&T_Engagement__0038 C&T_Engagement__0039C&T_Engagement__0040 C&T_Engagement__0041C&T_Engagement__0042 C&T_Engagement__0043 C&T_Engagement__0044 C&T_Engagement__0045C&T_Engagement__0046 C&T_Engagement__0047C&T_Engagement__0048 C&T_Engagement__0049C&T_Engagement__0050 C&T_Engagement__0051C&T_Engagement__0052 C&T_Engagement__0053C&T_Engagement__0054 C&T_Engagement__0055C&T_Engagement__0056C&T_Engagement__0057C&T_Engagement__0058C&T_Engagement__0059C&T_Engagement__0060C&T_Engagement__0061C&T_Engagement__0062C&T_Engagement__0063C&T_Engagement__0065C&T_Engagement__0064C&T_Engagement__0066C&T_Engagement__0067