Maryke Albertyn

“Run wild. Until you find someone just as wild, to run with.”

Where do I start with these two wild hearts? Emma & Jaces, both have a deep love for the bush. They met on a Game Farm, bordering Botswana, where they spent hours talking around bon fires, under the stars. Jaces, a qualified game ranger, quickly stole Emma’s heart. A year later, at the same Game Farm, under the tree where Emma’s family had scattered her father’s ashes, Jaces went down on one knee…

Needless to say, my romantic heart skipped a beat when I heard their story. And, after meeting up with them, I knew we were going to make an epic team. Sarcasm, aubergines & and a very sketchy WhatsApp group later…and I am more convinced than ever – this is going to be one amazing wedding!

I loved every moment of their engagement shoot. We might have woken Jaces up a little early, but I’m pretty sure the view quickly made up for it. These two are so madly in love, best friends and absolutely adorable in front of the camera. I’m so happy to be sharing a few of my favourite moments with you.

Emma & Jaces, thank you for all the laughs and an epic reminder of why I love my job so much. You two are something special – And I can not wait for your big day xxx