Maryke Albertyn

“My heart is so full of you,

I can hardly call it my own.” – Liana Rãdulescu

What more could you want from a Sunday, than to spend it with someone you love, staring into the sunset, with a glass of your favourite vino!

These two crazy kids are such a delight to spend an afternoon with. Honest, quirky & madly in love. With two sneaky guests lurking in the background, an amazing view of Pretoria and an unfortunate event with Niel’g glasses (my bad) – I really had one of my most memorable Sunday afternoon’s with them.

Giselle & Niel,

Thank you for for a wonderful shoot, sundowners and all the laughter. You two are absolutely amazing – and I can not wait for August.  I really hope these make up for stepping on your tiny glasses!