Maryke Albertyn

“I look at you,

And I see poetry.”

I am one of those people who gets up (most mornings) at the crack of dawn.

There’s something incredibly soothing and almost magical when you feel the first rays of sunlight, breaking through the dawn.

This is also my favourite time of day to shoot.

It’s usually a gamble to try and convince a couple to be dressed and ready that early in the morning. Not with Micol and Andrew.

These two showed up (in the dark) fully dressed, filled with excitement (and a bottle of bubbly), ready to celebrate their second wedding anniversary!

We watched the sunrise, drank champagne, laughed and shared stories like we were old friends, took smoke breaks and them some more photos.

We left that morning, with a muddy wedding dress, no feeling left in our feet and giggling like children.

I am still smiling at each and every one of these photos. Two best friends, madly in love, celebrating an epic marriage. I had such an amazing time taking photos of this beautiful couple.

Micol & Andrew

You are incredible! Thank you for one of the most memorable mornings together. Your love makes my heart happy! And I really hope you enjoy these.

Happy Friday – and I’ll see you soon!

Maryke xxx